September 23, 2013

Friday's Life Drawing Session With Model


Here in Columbus, OH there is a place where I love to go painting and creating art: the Cultural Arts Center. Since I have small children  I can't take classes when they are out of school, so my good time is the morning.
On Friday morning there is a life drawing/painting session that is awesome. I looove it because the people is very friendly and talented, including the instructor, Susan Ward.
Anyway, this class gets full so quickly that I have a very hard time registering for it, even on the first day registration opens.

With my positive thinking self, when I don't get in, I'm not upset, I think it was meant to be, for some reason I wasn't supposed to be there on Fridays. :)

But for this session apparently that studio is my place to be on Fridays, and I am enjoying so much!

This drawing is from a two-week pose (wonderful for those who choose to paint, a little long for me)  and I decided to experience a lot of first time things:
- First time I use gray paper, not white. 
- First time drawing with charcoal vine (and loved it!)
- First time doing highlights with white Conte crayon.

Since it was a long pose, I took my time and worked the details. At the end I have to say the resemblance to the model is pretty good. That's another first timer. Happy dance!  :)

Here the link to last week's drawing of same pose.

Have a Happy and Creative Week!

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