March 15, 2019

Thanks to the collector from California that ordered a print of First Lights of the Evening in the Short North!

 I've been posting images of my sold originals on my FineArtAmerica profile, and they are available for 2D prints, but also all kinds of cool merchandize, like cups, shower courtains, and tote bags.

Today I received a payment through paypal, yay!! Thanks a lot to the person in San Francisco, CA that made the order. That's the only info that I get, the site handles all the manufacturing and shipping. And they do a great job at it!

Here is the link to my PRINT STORE, check it out. 


January 28, 2019

Exciting Things Happening - A Gallery Show and More

Do you ever have periods in which things go well and you are afraid to wake up?  I'm in such a period right now.
Things are going well, and I am so afraid the it will end out of the blue, just like it started.

But hey, in the meantime, I'm doing my best to enjoy every minute of it. Never waste something good, right?

Home-life is going great and my artistic endeavor is giving me some satisfactions that I thought would never come.

Not only people are buying my paintings, which is amazing all by itself - to know that they are willing to pay for the products of me having fun in the studio, and keep them in their home, where they look at them every day, how wonderful is that??

Also, I am now represented by a super nice art gallery, and the owner invited me to participate in a small group show of mixed media art. Yay!
It was supposed to be a solo show for one of the other two artists but, being over-committed, she requested to have someone else to share the space with, and I was invited. Woo-woo!!

Now, it was a little bit of short notice for me, right before the holidays, and my trip to Italy, so I said "yes, but I will have only a few pieces. " And guess what?  I've been working fiercely in the studio every day I could, and I have 10 pieces for the show! They might even become 11 by tomorrow, lol!

Isn't that wonderful? I thought I could not do it, but then I pulled up my sleeves and started painting as much as I could. I thought I would end up with about four pieces, but hey, I did much better than that, and I'm pretty proud of myself right now.
Ahhhh.... Let me bask in this feeling, it does not happen often. :)

Here is the card for the show, opening is this Friday.

Mixed Media: 3 Female Artists
Show at Marcia Evans Gallery

OK, I just had to share the good news, now back to the studio, I've got some framing to do.

Oh, BTW, I've purchased the frames with the help of a $500 grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the city of Columbus. Another mind-blowing great thing that happened.
So much to be thankful for!



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December 8, 2018

Painting Clouds Used to Be a Big Challenge for Me, Now I Even Wrote an Article About it

"Clouds on Blue"
8"x10, Oil on board
Thanks a lot to the collector that visited my studio 
at Hight Road Gallery & Studios 
and purchased "Clouds on Blue"!!

How on Earth Do You Paint Clouds?

I used to find clouds very challenging and intimidating to paint.

Then, one day, in 2013, I jumped right in, during a painting workshop, I asked the teacher - Kim Casebeer, a very talented plein air painter - to help me paint clouds, she gave me one of the million photos she took of Kansas skies and lands and advised me to start from that.

I started, I made mistakes, I corrected them, and I only asked her for advice a few times, but knowing I had her available if I got stuck made me braver, and I broke the ice with painting clouds.

Well, technically, I had painted clouds before, but with effort and doubtful results.
Look at me now: skyscapes are among my favorite subject!
Between sunsets, sunrises, and cloudy skies, that's a big part of my body of work.

This is the reference photo for the painting above. I took it at the
soccer stadium while waiting for the Crew game to start.

Some of the Things I Learned 

I understood a few simple rules when painting clouds:

1. You've got to keep in mind where the sunlight is coming from. Clouds are thick, they have volume, so the sunlight creates areas that are extremely bright and others that are quite dark, even in "white" clouds.

2. Clouds are full of subtle color changes. What may seem like a gray cloud at first has actually blues, greens, purples, and pinks in it.

3. The best way to know how clouds look is to watch them live, right in the sky, and observe their coloration and how they change continuously. Then it's easier to paint from a photo because you know your subject.

4, It's ok to be a little creative with colors. In this painting I added more pink in the cloud than what you can see in the photo, but I remember that a little later in the game, when this particular cloud was gone, the sunset was setting behind me, ad the clouds in front of me got all kind of wonderful reflections, pick and more.

Am I good at painting clouds?  I don't know, but I am surely learning and enjoying the process. Most importantly, I am not scared of painting clouds anymore. It's still a challenge, but a fun one!

I Even Wrote an Article about Painting Skies!

After I learn something the hard way, I think of all the other beginner painters out there that might be struggling with the same thing, and maybe sharing what I have learned so far might help them to avoid some struggles and to accelerate their artistic process.
That's why I share several painting tips in my articles, including the one about skyscapes:  "10 Tips to Paint Clouds and Skies". Isn't it amazing how things change in a few years? :)

Thanks for stopping by!

December 2, 2018

Evening Snow at Thompson Park - Oil Landscape Painting

Winter landscape with Snow Painting by Robie Benve
"Evening Snow at Thompson Park"
Oil on panel
Available at High Road Gallery & Studios

I love how loose and impressionistic this winter scene came out, with the light snow that lets the ground peak through.
I painted fairly quickly over a start of a different landscape painting that was not heading the right direction.
The colors that were already on the canvas really did a great job as under-tone for the new one.

The scene if a local park, near my house. I wanted to sit on the bench and look at the sunset, but it was too cold and wet for my taste, so I stood there briefly, took a photo, and then kept enjoying my walk on the path.


Come see it at High Road Gallery & Studios, 12 E Stafford Ave, Worthington, OH. Open Fri & Sat 12-4 pm.
Special receptions on Sat Dec 8, 12-4 pm, and Sunday Dec 9, 2-5 pm.

December 1, 2018

Landscape Painting of One of My Favorite Bridges in the Columbus German Village

I really like the impressionistic look I get when I paint a landscape on location.

"Walking the Dog at Schiller Park"
Oil on panel
Available at Marcia Evans Gallery
8 E Lincoln St
Columbus, OH
I kept this painting very loose but at the same time detailed enough to know exactly what you are seeing, and there are quite a few things that I like about it.

My favorite detail is probably the person walking the dog, the moment he walked by I just had to capture that red shirt and its reflection on the water. Just what all that green needed!

I dropped the painting off at Marcia Evans Gallery in the short North Arts District, and tonight is the monthly Gallery Hop. I'll be there to support the Small Holiday Art Gifts Show, with artwork by six local artists, me being one of them.

Marcia Evans Gallery has started representing me a few months back, and it has been a wonderful experience. Several of my paintings are on view at this time, including some oil landscapes and some colorful mixed media representation of the Short North arches. 
All very affordable, I have to say.   
I would really love to see some pieces finding a good home for Christmas.       
hint, hint. :)  ;) 

November 30, 2018

Schiller Park Bridge - Impressionistic Landscape Oil Painting

Schiller Park Bridge oil landscape by Robie Benve
"Schiller Park Bridge"
Oil on panel
Available at High Road Gallery
12 E Stafford Ave
Worthington, OH

Local? Join Us!

at the 

Two-Day Event 

Celebrating 200 year of existence of our home

Dec 8, noon - 4 pm
Dec 9. 2-5 pm

High Road Gallery
12 E Stafford Ave
Worthington, OH

Plein air painting is all about immersing yourself in the landscape during the painting process, and fully enjoying the experience .

After many spring outings with awful weather, this day was really beautiful. Sunny and breezy. I finally truly enjoyed every second of it.

Sometimes I add a few final touches to the plain air paintings in the studio, after I get home. That's because:
1. Two hours are usually not enough (at least for me) to complete a painting and also add final details.
2. Back in my studio I can look at the painting with fresh eyes, and notice right away some things or changes that are needed.

But this time I did not touch it any more. This is true 100% done on location, with no come-backs.
Some areas are a little unresolved, but I like that.

In my learning curve of painting skills and techniques, I am at the point where I try to stop while I am ahead. Too often I end up over-working a painting, So I try to stop sooner, leaving more details out, and some areas showing the under-painting. It's fun.

I also love using limited color palette. This one is a tetrad palette, using colors of four hues only - One of my favorite ways to pick colors, looking at the color wheel, the tetradic scheme.

Thanks to my plain air teacher Joe Lombardo for sharing all his amazing knowledge and pushing me to embrace my personal challenges when it comes to painting. :)

November 29, 2018

Heading South - A Golden Sunset Painting with Striking Clouds

Heading South oil painting by Robie Benve
"Heading South"
oil on canvas, framed
Available at High Road Gallery
12 E Stafford Ave
Worthington, OH

Several months ago my friend Rene Nitsche posted a beautiful sunset photo on facebook and I was immediately inspired to paint it. It took me a while, but here is the finished piece. I took some artistic liberty and added a flock of birds at the horizon. I think it soves a nice touch, and it also inspired the title.

I love the warmth and the sense of serenity that comes out of this scene. : )

Local? Join Us!

at the 

Two-Day Event 

Celebrating 200 year of existence of our home

Dec 8, noon - 4 pm
Dec 9. 2-5 pm
High Road Gallery
12 E Stafford Ave
Worthington, OH

November 12, 2018

Robie Participating in the Columbus Recreation and Parks’s Annual Sale

Once again, being a student at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center, I get the opportunity to participate in the Annual Columbus Recreation and Parks Department’s Studio Sale. 
This year it's moving to a new location, bigger and with lots of free parking. There will be 50+ artists selling their creations from all mediums: ceramic, jewelry, fiber art, printing, fashion, painting, and more.

I have been blessed to be chosen as the featured artist to be interviewed by the news about the sale. Thanks a lot to Gary Seman for this wonderful interview! (link)

Below is the short video that Gary took during the interview with me inviting people to come to the event.

I think this is my fourth year participating in the studio sale, or maybe the fifth? I lost count! lol
It's a two days event full of smiles and awesome feelings, I love being a part of it!

I'm bringing several of my paintings, including several oils and some from the new series of abstract mixed media.
I will also have original hand-painted greeting cards.

Below are photos of my booth from last year's studio sale.

Robie Benve at the 2017 Studio Sale.
I'm quite exciting about the sale and getting to meet other artists and art-lovers. The people that attend these kind of events are most interesting, so many great conversations!

My wall of unframed oil paintings at the studio sale.

Columbus Recreation and Parks Department’s annual sale

Schiller Community Center, 
1069 Jaeger St. in Columbus’ German Village. 

The sale is scheduled
Nov. 16 from noon to 7 p.m.
Nov. 17 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. . 

Admission is free.


PS: I sent out my newsletter yesterday. If you did not receive it and would like to sign up for it, you can do it at the link below.

Click here to sign-up for my newsletter (link)

Have a blessed day!


November 2, 2018

Revitalized Short North - Oil Citiscape Painting

Columbus Short North Oil Painting by Robie Benve
"Revitalized Short North"
Oil on canvas
The Short North, the Columbus Arts District, gets better and better. Every time I visit there something new going on, and I'm not only talking about the never-ending constructions, lol.

I have painted quite a few versions of the iconic arches with the glowing lights.

This one it's a little bigger than the other arch paintings that I have completed so far; the bigger size allowed me to get more details in, though still trying to keep it loose.
I really like how it turned out.

Now available at the Marcia Evans Gallery, in the Columbus Short North Arts District.

October 29, 2018

Hopes and Smiles - Oil Landscape Painting

 landscape oil painting by Robie Benve
"Hopes and Smiles"
Oil on  linen panel in floater frame


Another en plein air landscape painting of the Park of Roses, in Clintonville, OH. I did this one day after the previous post.
I really loved that tall tree with cool colors, and I enjoyed the challenge of painting it, as well as the sprinkles of the fountain.

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