October 21, 2015

Believe in Life - Oil Painting

"Believe in Life"
Oil on Canvas

Sometimes it feels like winter inside.
Some days are harder to live.
There are seasons in our lives when all the fun seems far, far away, and our world seems dark and cold.
Those are the days to NEVER GIVE UP.
Life is creeping withing.
Have faith.
It'll be better.

It's not really that bad, it's mainly your perception of it at this particular time, in these circumnstances.
Believe in life.

The miracle will happen, as it always happens for the trees in spring.

October 2, 2015

SKY HIGH - My First Solo Show

My First Solo Exhibit!
at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center
1-30 October 2015

My first solo show, and I am so proud of it! Who would have thought that this day will come?
Yeah, maybe I did wish it was coming, but it came sooner than I thought. Yay me!!!!

I look at the photos and I think "that's my work, in a gallery, and it looks great". There are many reasons for me to feel proud today, here are some.
  1. I have been able to create a body of work that stands together, with a theme and a flow. Considering how I like change and experimentation, this is quite an achievement on its own. I can't even cook the same recipe exactly the same twice, I like to tweak and change, improvise. The trick has been finding a subject matter that I really love: skies and sunsets, and how they influence the landscape. That never tires me. Plus the paintings are all a little different, even being connected by a thread.
  2. Of the five years that I've been painting, this last year has been the one I feel I made the biggest steps forward. I can see the progress in my work, and I truly believe that it's due to the increased pace with which I paint. I have been so prolific in this past year! I have painted landscapes en plein air, figures, still lives (my usual mix of things) AND I have been working on building the body of work for the Sky High show.
  3. Having the show as a goal provided me the motivation and the deadline that I needed. Often I need an extra push to avoid procrastination and being sidetracked by all the things that go on in life. Knowing that I was going to exhibit my work this October, for anyone to be seen and critiqued, gave me that extra adrenaline that kept me painting longer hours, sometimes until past midnight if the day was too busy to paint.
  4. I think the exhibit looks pretty good. For being a self taught beginner painter, I'd say it looks terrific! And that makes me happy. There, I said it. I am happy!

"Sky High"
 Sky High sums up the way I feel, pretty much.


Yesterday I gave a talk at the Cultural Arts Center about my artwork. I really enjoyed sharing my story and my artwork with the audience. I was nervous about it, in fact I did not advertise it much, but it turned out to be such a wonderful experience. A big thanks to all of those that attended.

Me during the Art Talk at the Cultural Arts Center
Photo by Lynda Guenther

I used to be terrified about speaking to an audience. Ten years ago this would have made me sleepless and stomach clenched for days. Now, I am still nervous, but somehow I managed to look calm. Several people told me I did not look nervous at all, how wonderful and amazing is that?

Sky High and Thankful.
That's the feeling.