September 5, 2013

Daily painting #3

"Inspiration From The Heavens"
Oil on board

This landscape made me think of how even in a dry everyday routine there is always special things I should be grateful for. I may not see them if I look only at eye level, often the real value of things is above and beyond what we can see.
In this case the show is not around the viewer, but above. Sometimes if I can't see much going on in your life I have to pause, look up, and have faith.

Clouds are one of the wonderful things in life that I would spend hours watching move and evolve in the sky, with their beautiful shadows and lights.
These clouds have been particularly challenging for me to paint because of their colors and shades and because it's an oil painting, and I'm still learning how to paint wet-on-wet.
I started this painting last week, but I have worked on finishing it most of today, so this is my daily painting #3.


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