September 24, 2013

Painting Roses Ain't Easy!

"Wide Open"
8" x 10"
Oil on canvas panel

On Sunday I bought some beautiful roses at a great price. They opened up so beautifully, every time I see them I smile. Ah, the little joys of life!
I thought that painting them would be a fabulous idea, so I set up a simple still life using the prettiest rose.I have to admit it gave me some challenges.
I so admire artists that can paint roses making it seem like a simple task!  My tendency is to overwork them.

When I thought I was done I took a photo and loaded into my computer. As soon as I saw it on the screen I realized there were things I need to fix. It's amazing how on the screen you see things with fresher eyes!  So I went back and added some darks, and here it is. My Monday daily painting. :)

Have a Happy and Creative day! :)

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  1. Isn't that the truth! Sometimes just snapping a photo on your phone and looking at in on that tiny screen works. Another trick to "see" your painting is to hold it up to the bathroom mirror. It's amazing how you notice what you didn't see before.


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