February 11, 2016

Path to Health - Landscape Oil Painting

"Path to Health"
Oil on board
Last year I went to a local park and painted a path in the meadow full of golden rods.
Based on that image, I painted this path, but surrounded it with red flowers instead. (Are they poppies? I think they are, but you can decide. :)

Paths are very symbolic, and this one in particular made me think of all the sad news I got recently about dear friends and wonderful people fighting with disease, especially cancer.

I dedicated this small painting to their recovery.
May there be health, strength, and happiness after the curve.

To all that are fighting to gain health again: keep strong, keep the fight up. The final result is worth all the sacrifice.


February 1, 2016

The January 2016 Production! 30 in 30 Challenge

Sooo, I did announce left and right that I was doing the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge in January, and as the month went by I realized that 30 was a high aim in such a busy month.

Nevertheless, I did paint with increased productivity, and with a lower level of fear.
It's hard not to be intimidated when you know you are going to post a photo of it online for everyone to see and critique. Still, I tried to complete paintings without worrying about "perfection" and move on.

Chances are that when I look back at them few months down the road I may like them better and appreciate some details more.
If not, in January I also learned that it's fun to paint a brand new painting on top of an old one that I don't like. That knowledge may come in handy in the future. ;)

Painting over an older work that I don't like has two positive aspects:
1. I recycle a canvas or board, without wasting it.
2. I stop seeing an "ugly" painting laying around in my studio.

How many paintings did I complete in January?
Well, way less than 30, but much more than zero. :)
Here is a collage of them.
My paintings completed in the month of January 2016

Some are cropped weirdly because the spaces were all squares. Maybe one day I'll redo the collage.
BTW, I used PicMonkey to do it, a free online app.