August 30, 2013

Up for a Mighty Painting Challenge!

After a (too) long time of little painting and even less writing on my blog, I am to the point I need to dig in and get busy!
Me at the Kim Casebeer Plein Air Workshop few days ago.
I have just taken a wonderful workshop with Kim Casebeer, amazing plein air painter, in which I learned a ton, and all this new concepts and theories in my head need to get tested and practiced on canvas; the only way to do it is to paint, paint, paint.

What better way to flex my painitng muscles than to join the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge launched by Leslie Saeta, for the month of September?

As scary as it sounds, I'm in!  With two children ages 8 and 11 the fall season gets crazy on its own, all kinds of activities starting up, and finding time to paint is challenging.

The fall craziness is an extra reason to embrace the challenge, because if I don't have to paint, I will not find the time to do it. Painting every day, small paintings by the way, will be sooo good for me.  Daily painting is the way to really refine the skills.

I'm making my commitment public so I'll feel even more tied to the pledge of painting every day. This is so exciting!  And so cool!  It's going to be fun, and it's going to be a success no matter what the output in terms of work.

OK then, it's official: I'm up for the challenge.  Wish me luck!