February 27, 2015

House with a Smile - Landscape Oil Painting

"House with a Smile"
Oil on Board

The day I was painting this scene it was gorgeous but very windy. I started with a brilliant blue sky. Then the clouds began coming in, big fluffy clouds, and soon covered all the sky, and the colors disappeared on me.
I know that's part of the challenges of painting on location, the shifts of light and shadows, still, I hate when it happens.
From a colorful sunny day, the scene became a dull cloudy landscape. I left the park with a very dull painting - I have a hard time painting differently from what I see.

Good think I had made some thumbnail sketches, so I had a visual reminder of lights and shadows. Back in the studio I tweaked the colors and the light according to my memory and with the thumbnails as guide.

At the end I think I made it even more colorful than how it was, but the little house seems happy about that.


February 25, 2015

Thinking of You - Oil Painting of Sunlight Reflections on Water

"Thinking of You"
Oil on Board

This painting puts me in a romantic mood. It makes me feel like I want to be there, but not alone.
So I know that if my loved one was not with me, with a sight like this I would be thinking of him, hence the title "Thinking of You".

I filmed the painting process for this with my phone and created a time lapse video. I am trying to get better with time lapsing myself painting, but this video turned out all right for a time lapse rookie.
You can see it on my facebook page (and if you get there, make sure you like my page, then you'd really make me happy!)

One question still persists in my mind: is this a sunset or a sunrise?  I really can't decide.

Thanks for visiting!

February 23, 2015

Refreshing - Beach Landscape Painting

Oil on Board

Sometime we need to get away and spend time doing something relaxing. It's a survivor thing, you've got to unplug every once in a while and do what you love to do, with the people you love.

But hey, for the days when I just can't get any farther than the supermarket down the street, looking at pictures like this gives me a little bit of the good feeling I need.
It's like a spark of positive thoughts, and I feel refreshed already.

Love to create paintings that may serve as positive sparks on someone's wall.  :)

February 22, 2015

Golden Days - Landscape Painting

"Golden Days"
12"x12" (30.5 x 30.5 cm)
Oil on Board
Landscape painting started on location last fall, and finally finished the details in the new year.
I really like the warmth of this one. :)

It depicts a part of the Whetstone Park, here in Columbus, OH.
It's always a pleasure painting there.Lots of people come there to walk: either solo, with their families, or with their dogs. I got to meet some neat people.

Over the Italian Rooftops, I Retouched the Painting, The Final Result After Deepening Shadows

"Over the Italian Rooftops"
Oil on Board

Painting from a reference photo is not my first choice anymore. Since when I started painting on location, I find using reference photos more challenging than ever - how things change: I used to be scared of painting on location!!!
The photo for this painting was taken at sundown, so the light resembled a cloudy day, with no direct sunlight, which made things hazy and with low contrast.

Nevertheless I loved the landscape, so I really wanted to paint it.
The photo at the top is the final version, below are phase 1 and 2 of this painting.
The main change between phase 2 and 3 is that I deepened the color of the big roof.

Over the Rooftops, Stage 1

I originally posted this painting a few months ago, but I was not sure if I was finished with it. Then I worked some more on it: I made the shadows more colorful.

"Over the Rooftops"stage 2
I recently came across this notion that when areas in sunlight are washed out or dull in color, shadows could (or should?) be more colorful.

So I tried to apply this concept to this painting, adding blue and violet to the shadows and dark areas.
I feel like I was able to improve it, though I am not sure it shows from the photos, because green, blues, and violets are very hard to reproduce in a photo, they always look a little off.

After some more consideration, I decided the big roof did not stand out as much as I remembered, so I deepened its color.
And that was the last change, now I'll keep changing it, I promise. :D