July 8, 2012

Japanese Maple Tree Acrylic Painting

Japanese Maple Tree #2
Acrylic on Canvas, framed

The painting in the photo is one of my latest, a second version of my favorite Japanese Maple Tree, from the Portland Garden. The colors are a little off on this picture, I'll try to load a better one later I wish I had taken a photo before varnishing...
I really love this Maple Tree, it has become my favorite tree to paint. And every time I paint it I already know I will try a different technique, which makes it even more fun! :)

And some rumbling...
Oh boy!  I survived this busy period, and now I have a new focus on my mind.
After 4 weeks of kids swimming lessons, nine articles written for hubpages.com, 72 hours of power outage, a freezer full of defrosted meat that needed cooking, three trees fallen from our neighbors yard onto ours, two days at my first Art Fair Event at 102 F (39 C) degrees, and probably something else but I can't think about it now... Oh My! as Anastasia Steele would say - (Yes, I'm reading Fifty Shades of Grey.)
I am now switching gears to focus on my next venture: packing and getting ready to fly to my parents, with the kids. Yay! Italy, I'm coming! :))

BTW, the Art Fair went really well. Despite the heat, I really had a great time meeting people and other artists.

Me at the Dublin Art Fair


  1. Hi Robie:) What fun that you're still so excited despite all things you are busy with! Good for you that your exhibition turned out so good despite the heat. You are going to be from one heat to the other but I wish you lots of fun in Italy!
    Oh yes, your painting is wonderful. Very nice warm colours!

  2. Renate, thanks a lot. :) I always appreciate your moral support. I'm finally on vacation at the beach. :))

  3. Hi Robie, I am just in the process of starting to experiment with acrylic paints. I started painting with oils about four years ago then had a stroke, so my arms now don't always do what they are told, so your abstract information is very helpful. I am 72. Cheers. Philip


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