September 12, 2013

Being Thankful Is the Best Feeling - Thankful Ending, Oil Painting

"Thankful Ending, study"
5"x7", Oil on canvas panel
Feeling thankful is a very powerful emotion. As it is important to feel thankful all day long for all the little blessing that we have - starting from those we give for granted like being alive, being able to walk, being able to see, etc. There are even more reasons at the end of the day to look back and find the positive, be thankful for whatever good happened that day.

The sunset in this painting reminds me of the powerful sweet feeling that I get when I succeed to feel thankful at the end of my day. Isn't that a great way to go to bed and get ready for a new day?

 PS: I'm thankful you stopped by! :)


  1. Lovely end of day painting. I am thankful I got to see it!

    1. Hi Meredith, thanks a lot for stopping by and taking the time to leave such a nice comment! :)))))

  2. This is amazing!!!! WOW!

    1. Hi Srishti, I don't know about it being amazing, I'm surely happy to hear you liked it! :)))


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