April 22, 2013

Loving my Path in the Woods Period

"Towards the Light"
Acrylic on Canvas
SOLD - Prints available

In this season of reawakening I joyfully enjoy the daily miracle of life sprouting  at each corner.
Winter is over and I can finally stay outdoors, enjoy the fresh air, and recharge my batteries.

Closeness to nature always recharges me, the trees, the plants, and the smells are balm for my soul. The chirping of birds tickles my heart. I'm completely fascinated.

About the Painting
I started this landscape painting by creating some texture with modeling paste mixed with acrylic paint. Then I kept mixing modeling paste to the acrylic paint, and applying it with brushes, painting knives, and splattering techniques, experimenting all the way.
It has been a fun-filled painting process. :)

It's the second path in the woods that I paint, and I am working on a few more. It's such a beautiful metaphor of life and hope, I love to paint paths in the woods. :)

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