March 28, 2013

So Many Ideas, So Little Time!

One of my Doodles

Considering that
- I have three painting started, and they are all 18 x 24, which for me is on the big side,
- I go to two painting classes and a figure drawing class - but I don't post photos from that because nipples and glutes don't do well with a general audience (I don't even show them too my kids, they are still young and would probably think it's weird that I draw naked people)
- I love my volunteering, and doing things with the kids, seeing friends, cooking, gardening, and (sometime) exercise...
So much I love to do, and in spring somehow everything seem to blow out of proportions, and it becomes hard to juggle.

Just to add some extra fun to the mix, I found A LOT of awesome photos on wikimedia commons that have a royalty free license, and so I can paint them. I'm so happy about these last additions to my reference portfolio, on top of all the ones I already had from my own photos.
I really have to make the time to paint more!!!

Maybe I should give up some things, like the cleaning, laundering, and grocery shopping...
There is my solution: I need to get a maid. LOL  My husband is going to love that!

March 18, 2013

Exhibiting My Art This Month

My paintings on display at the Dublin Rec Center

One of the pluses of being member of an art league is the opportunity to access different exhibition venues.
As member of the Dublin Area Art League (Dublin, OH) I have the option to exhibit in different public locations.
Last month my art was on the walls of the local Starbucks, this month at the Dublin Community Recreation Building.
Here are a couple of shots of "my" wall at the Rec Center.

My paintings on display at the Dublin Rec Center
I love the amazing support artists get locally, from local businesses, fellow artists, and communities.
It's great, and I recommend any artist to join art leagues and groups. It is always productive and to network with other artists; you can find inspiration and you get to know about lots of opportunities.

Have a happy creative day! :)