June 19, 2014

Plein Air painting at the Park of Roses

"Beyond the Legend"
11"x14" (27.94 x 35.56 cm)


Every year in Clintonville, OH, home to the beautiful Park of Roses,  there is an event called "Stop and Smell the Roses. At the event there are lots of activities, the air smells of the delicious fragrances from roses of many different variety, and the visitors walking in the park and enjoying the day get to see more than 40 artists doing plain air painting.

The sketch I did of the
model posing for the painters.
The first time I attended the event I was in my role as a mom with two kids, and could not paint. Somehow I was smart enough to bring my sketch book with me and a few of the kids' school pencils.

The artists had a model that year, sitting under a tree with an oriental umbrella, and when I saw everyone painting her I could not resist: I stopped near the painters and made a quick sketch of the model. That day I decided I was going to be there with my easel one day!

That's how I got to know the COPA (Central Ohio Plain Air), an open group of artists that meet weekly to paint together, they invited me to join them sometimes.

That was two years ago.
Last year I could not attend the Paint Out, I don't even remember why, but there was something else going on in my life at the time - I was so disappointed.
But this year I made it!  I was there, and the pressure of painting in front of public, that would subconsciously compare my work to all the other artists was on!  To make the pressure a little higher, there is also a competition that you can enter for the paintings completed on that day.

I decided to take it easy.
I started a fairly large board for plein air (11"x14"), with the idea that if I did not finish it was ok, entering the competition was an optional factor, painting on location during the beautiful event was my goal.

So I took a stress-free approach and tried to have fun. And you know what?  I succeeded!  I had lots of fun and enjoyed the passer-byes that stopped and asked questions, they were all very nice.
The kids cracked me up with all their cute questions, and smart ones too!
Great experience over all. Looking forward to next year!

PS: The red roses near me were called "Legend", what a pretty name for some gorgeous roses!

Thanks for stopping by. :)