May 7, 2014

The Beautiful Last Light of the Day - Oil Painting

"The Last Glow"
6x6" oil on gesso board

Every time I see a sunset I can't resist. I have to stop and watch. If I'm driving on a highway and can't stop the car, it's true sufferance. :)

When I admire a sunset I find myself breathing deeper and smiling.
Sometime sunsets are so beautiful and the colors and shapes of the clouds so surprising that I often think if I even succeeded painting it with the perfect glow and colors, people would think it's an exaggerated artistic representation, so unbelievably beautiful are the colors.

Truth is I can't even get close to painting the real colors and inner glow of a sunset.
I can just paint an idea of it, a representation that reminds me of the wonderful feeling I felt when I saw it.

This small painting is from a photo a friend of mine posted on facebook, she kindly game me The Last Glow.
This is the photo that my friend posted
permission to paint it. Though I did not see this particular sunset in person, I can definitely relate to the feeling of

Too bad I can't paint a sunset from life: it changes too quickly, there would be no time to mix the colors, for when I look up again it'd be already changing into some other amazing shade.

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