September 11, 2013

The Importance of a Positive Attitude

"Spring Beauty"
Oil on canvas panel

The comment that I get the most from people (apart from "you have an accent, where I you from?") is that I am always cheerful. This to me is the best compliment. :)

"How can you stay so positive in a situation like this?"
"I admire how you always manage to focus on the good"
"You smile a lot"
"There she goes finding the positive"
and so on.
It can be worded out differently, depending on the situation, but the bottom line is that I am a positive and cheerful being and people notice it.

Honestly, I never understood the importance of this until few years ago.  I thought seeing the positive, trying to put myself in other people shoes before judging, finding humor in everyday little snafus was normal. Apparently not.

It struck me at one point how much easier it is to be negative, to dwell in criticism and negative thoughts.
I learned to stay away from those kinds of people as much as I can.
Especially those that blame others for all their misfortunes.  Complainers and blamers get automatically on my "better-to-avoid" list.

On the same line, my favorite art is happy, cheerful, and not-so-serious; it has to surprise me somehow. With all the respect for realist painters and all the amazing artists that paint with subdued colors, only rarely that kind of art excites me. I love loose brushstrokes, unexpected colors, playfulness, and smart composition. (One day I'll paint like that, I promise!)
'naff said, have a wonderful ad cheerful day!

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