July 5, 2016

Summer Skies Opening Reception

My second solo exhibit of sky paintings is currently up at the Northwood Artspace in Columbus, OH, it will be on show until August 15th.
Last weekend I had the opening reception.

That's me with my husband Enzo at the Summer Skies show.

It was the Friday before the 4th of July, and I was afraid that with people out of town or attending events, I was going to be there only with my close family, but thankfully we had a good turnout.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to show my work and for the friends and supporters that came to the opening.
Robie Benve with Diane Efsic, artists and coordinator of Northwood Artspace exhibits.

Most of them did not know it, but the day after was my birthday, and their presence has been a wonderful birthday gift.

There are 20 oil paintings in the show, all representing skies, sunsets, or dawns of assorted sizes. The collection has been created in the last two years from my own photos and some from friends' vacation photos.

I love to paint landscapes on location, en plein air, but for skies it is very challenging to capture the light and the colors "live". Everything changes so quickly that by the time you mix a color and look up, the sunset is a different color and the clouds are different shapes.
It's a shame not painting from life but, especially for the bigger paintings, it would be impossible to paint while looking at a real sunset.

I already have a few new skyscapes on the works in my studio. I love this subject so much, I don't think I am going to give it up any time soon.

Thank You All!