December 28, 2011

Busy Holidays

Gotta love the Holidays, they fill your life with so many things to do that routine becomes a foggy memory.  I'm working my way through holiday parties, kids on winter brake, friends visiting, cooking, playing, and house-chores.
In the meanwhile I'm so looking forward to the new year. So many ideas in my head that want to come to life!  Hope this new year has longer days, so I can fit them all.  :)
Hey, I just found my new year's resolution: getting better at time management, finding the time for all I need/want to do, and try to do my best always.
In the meanwhile, Happy Holidays to all!  And may the New Year bring plenty of Love, Joy, and Health in each household.

December 17, 2011

The Friday's Painting Group Art Show

I joined a Open Studio painting group few months ago, and I really enjoyed sharing the creative time with the ladies of the group. We put together a two-hour showing for friends and family, to showcase our favorite pieces of the last year or so, and have some good time together. It turned out to be a wonderful, warm, happy event. Lots of people came, all the smiles, the positiveness, the enthusiastic comments filled the air with wonderful energy. What a delightful experience!
By unanimous decision, we did not have anything for sale, but seeing all our art together, we realized that the level is higher than we thought, and we might even dare to put some prices on our paintings at the next occasion. :)
I think we were all scared of the outcome. What if nobody shows? What if my art is not good enough? etc. But I estimated at least two hundred people came, and our paintings looked amazingly good. I'm so happy we dared!

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.     
Franklin D. Roosevelt 

December 4, 2011

Cane Corso, the Italian Mastiff - acrylic dog painting

9" x 12" 
Acrylic on canvas panel
Art Prints
Ettore is a very black dog that belongs to my family in Italy. I hear stories about this smart and friendly puppy all the time I call home, from what they tell me he’s such a handful! My family always had German Shephards, and this is the first “different” dog in the household, his breed is Cane Corso, an Italian tipe of Mastiff. 

I asked for some pictures of him and he’s so cute that I couldn’t resist painting him. The fun part is that I did not use any black paint. I’m curious to hear what my family thinks about this portrait, did I get the personality of a dog I never met?

We do not see things as they are. 
We see them as we are.