September 6, 2015

Daily Painting #6: Summer Blooms - Painting of Poppies

"Summer Blooms"
Mixed media (oil and acrylic) on board, unframed

This painting has been an experiment, with the purpose of troubleshooting a problem.
First I painted it with acrylic paint on a very smooth gesso board. The smoothness made the paint slide everywhere, showing too many transparencies. Even with several layers of paint, it still looked like there was not enough and the painting was not finished.

So I thought I could try painting over it with oils. In fact you can paint over acrylics with oils, though you can not paint with acrylics, which are water-based, over oils.

Oils are thicker and more buttery, and they solved the problem of the thin look. I am happy with my solution. :)

I may do more with this mixed media technique! In fact I have another painting similar to this one (same composition but flipped horizontally) that I did with acrylics, and somehow it looked more finished. I may go over with oils on that one too, so they match.

Also, I wanted to give the credit to the artist that inspired this painting with her beautiful flower paintings.
Thanks to Nancy Medina for the inspiration!

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