January 7, 2016

Sunset on River Brenta, Fifth Daily Painting of this Month

"Sunset on River Brenta"
oil on panel

The region where I grew up is called "Riviera del Brenta", and it's gorgeous area, full of cute little towns and several villas and palaces that are more than 400 years old, scattered along this river, the Brenta.

Credit for the reference photo goes to my friend Gianluca Lazzari, my classmate in high school, and now connected through facebook. He has a natural artist eye, and takes the most gorgeous captures of his everyday landscape scenes. Thanks to the social media I get to see his photos.

BTW, today is the 7th and I am posting the 5th daily painting of the month... something does not add up! lol
To be honest I have skipped one day of painting (yesterday) for lack of time, and the day before I started this small painting, but did not get to finish it, so here it is!

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