January 9, 2016

It's Getting Late - Oil Painting of Rising Moon

"It's Getting Late"
5"x7", Oil on panel
Open Auction

I've been committed to painting every day.
This month I am doing more than that: I am challenging myself to finish a painting every day.
There are only two ways I can finish a painting on any given day:
1. Make it a small painting.
2. Work on a bigger painting that I have started already, and only needs some finishing touches.

"It's Getting Late" is a small one, done in one day.
The subject is a little different from my usual sunny landscapes, I found the photo browsing through the pics in my phone. I had forgot about taking it, and it looked like a nice change.

I painted it over an old painting, a failed attempt of a different landscape. I like that some of the texture from the old brush work shows trough.
Also, I was pleasantly surprised that the old image did not bother me when I was starting drawing the new one. I need to try this again, I have quite a few failed attempts stashed away. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

“I believe humans get a lot done, 
not because we’re smart, 
but because we have thumbs 
so we can make coffee.” 
~Flash Rosenberg

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