May 31, 2015

The White House at the Corner - Urban Landscape Small Oil Painting

"The White House at the Corner"
Oil on gesso board

Two weeks ago there has been the 12th Annual Historic Dublin PaintOut, and I was one of the organizers.
I knew that between setting up things and handling some of the registrations I wouldn't have much time to paint, so I thought a 6"x6" should be small enough for me to handle easily.
However, I did not consider the possibility of my kids' piano recital being scheduled exactly on that day. But it happened.
I only had a very short amount of time to pick a spot and start the painting. Then I had to leave for the recital. I planned to come back and finish later, but it started pouring, and the recital (wonderful by the way, they both did a great job!) ran longer than usual.
So, I ended up not entering a painting into the competition that I had worked so hard putting together. Not even a tiny 6"x6".

However, despite the weather, several of the participants were able to enter their finished work, and most of them were amazingly good, and big!

I finished my paintingin the studio the day after, trying to stay faithful to plein air painting style, quick and fresh, without many retouches.

I really liked that cute side street, with the white house at the corner. I may go back and do more similar ones, there are so many beautiful corners in Dublin, OH!

Thanks for visiting!

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