May 19, 2015

Rocking the Shore - Plein Air Landscape Oil Painting

"Rocking the Shore"
Oil on canvas board

Not far from my house runs the Scioto river. Even thought it's right in the middle of the state capital, it offers beautiful natural scenes that really inspire me to paint.
This one is one of my favorite spots at Scioto park, on the northwest side of town.

There was a fisherman behind me while I was painting. I was almost tempted to include him in the scene too, but I had already started the landscape facing the other way. Maybe next time.

I painted it on a canvas panel, not on my usual gesso boards, that are so smooth. On the gesso board the brush slides quickly, which makes painting a little faster, but also, somehow, you don't need a huge amount of paint to make it look thick.
The texture of the canvas on this panel made the same amount of paint look much thinner, and I had to force myself to load my brushes more to give a thicker look.
Still it does not look as thick as I thought I was painting! : )

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