May 22, 2015

Changing Season - Landscape Oil Painting of Fall Colors

"Changing Season"
Oil on gesso board

Last fall I spent a nice Saturday morning at Highbanks park, painting with a group called COPA (Central Ohio Plein Air). The group is open and friendly, and every Saturday they go to a different outdoors location, paint until about 11:30, then have a critique. I don't make it very often, but when I do I really enjoy it.

As I was saying this painting is from last fall, but it was not quite finished that day, I still had a few areas of paint to fill when it was critique time.
I took it home and did not work on it for a while. Part of the reason is that I had a reference photo, but it's not the same.When you see the landscape in person it's so much better! And going back was not appealing because it got REALLY cold and all the leaves had fallen.

So I had no choice but work from the reference photo and finish it up. The pavilion roof gave me some trouble, the color it was did not fit in well with the painting so I tweaked it and tweaked it until it made sense. Now I am quite happy with it. :)

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