May 4, 2015

The Simple Joys Are the Best - Daily Painting of Marigolds

"Three Marigolds in Blue Vase"
8" x 10"m Oil on canvas panel

To keep happiness in my life, I always try to pay attention to the small blessings and appreciate what I have.
Sure there are lots of things I don't have. I could have a nicer and newer car, a last generation smart phone, a trendier wardrobe. But I don't really need those things. What I have works for me.
So I'll keep my old car, my few-year-old clothes, and my dumb phone until they are functional.

As long as I have the smile and hugs of my family, and what I need to eat, travel, and function every day, I don't care about comparisons with the Joneses. I'm good. :)

Look at these marigolds: I grew them from seed, watered them during the summer months, forgot to water many times, and they kept flowering into a colorful bush no matter what. That's a blessing to me. :)
They seem to enjoy that blue vase too, it does not matter that I paid only 50 cents for it.



  1. I can totally follow you, and I agree with all you said ! What a satisfaction to grow your flower from seed and see them thriving ! Love the painting you made with your home grown marigolds .

    1. Thanks a lot Jane. My family always had a veggie garden in Italy, and I always loved seeing things growing from seed. I'm not as good as my grandparents, but I really enjoy gardening, almost as much as painting. :)


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