August 22, 2015

A Wonderful Day at the yART Event!

Me setting up my booth at the yART 2015

What a great day.
I worked hard to get ready, setup, and organize, but it was all worth it.
I partecipated in the yART, a small local art fair, a low key event for which you don't need a fancy booth and all the shananigans that some bigger art fairs require.

Nevertheless I had a nice setup, and I made quite an investment in frames, to have everything looking professional.

My amount of work was multiplied by the fact that I also coordinated the adjacent booth, belonging to the Dublin Area Art League, that recently has kindly elected me its president. Getting the two things going and organized have taken some effort, but at the end I was overwhelmed by the great response from the members, the wonderful artwork that has been turned in, and the amazing look of the DAAL's booth.

Dublin Area Art league booth at the yART

Of course I need to share the credit with the volunteers from the art league that made today happen. They have stepped up and help, many even without notice.

Karen English and my son volunteering at the Dublin Area Art league booth at the yART

And there I was, sitting in my booth, looking at the art lovers passing by. I smiled. My smiled was getting bigger. And bigger.
How amazing is this?  I was thinking. How did I get so lucky? Being here, showcasing my artwork, talking to friendly strangers about my art, and surrounded by amazingly talented and humanly enchanting artists, so very supportive to each other, all so excited about his opportunity.

A lovely day. We couldn't have asked for better weather.  No worries about where my kids were, because they were there, volunteering at the booths. I even sold some of my art!

Happy does not even start to define how I felt. Grateful, ecstatic, thrilled get closer.

Now I am tired, but it's a good tired that will make me sleep well tonight.

: )

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