August 1, 2015

Just Mowed - Plein Air Oil Painting

"Just Mowed"
6"x6" Oil on board

Sometimes, when I go out and paint on location with a group, other painters are surprised at the small size of my board. A 6"x6" looks quite small on an easel (and even off the easel, lol)
But painting small is a wonderful way to give myself the opportunity to finish the painiting in one sitting, on location, taking fully advantage of the limited time available.

I usually am productive for a couple of hours tops, then I need to take a break. If I'm with a group I love to walk around to see what everyone else is painting.
That gives me an extra boost, because I have some excellent painting companions, and their work can be very inspirational.

After two hours a 6"x6" is very close to completion. So the break provides a "fresh view"upon my return, and I am able to better see what's needed as far as finishing touches.

If I paint a bigger size board I often end up going home with what painters ike to call a "good start", quite far from being completed.

Sooo, all of this to say that "Just Mowed" was painted en plein air at a local park, while I was with a group of painters. That day we were actually all taking a plein air class with the very talented Joe Lombardo.

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