September 12, 2014

Daily Painting Challenge, Painting #8 - Vibrant portrait I

Vibrant Portrait I
Watermedia on paper

Today started a new session of my figure painting class and I had lots of fun experimenting with colors.
I tried to render the beautiful model with bold and vibrant colors, using warm colors for the areas in the light and cooler colors for the shade. 

Lots of decisions to make as far as color choices.
The main thing was squinting at her and my painting to make sure I used value correctly. Darker colors for the shade and lighter for the light, keeping in mind that each color can be also warm or cool.
So I had to juggle bright hues, temperature, and value, and hope that at the end ir made sense.
My classmates said the colorful portrait looked a lot like the model, and that made me happy.
Vibrant Portrait I, detail

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