September 8, 2014

Daily Painting Challenge, Painting #5 - Fairies' Shelter - Small Oil Painting

"Fairies' Shelter"
Oil on Gessobord

In my pursuit of the thirty paintings in 30 days challenge, I have skipped a few days... so technically this is my fifth painting even if today is the 8th of the month.
And yes, I am planning on catching up - who said the 30 paintings must be one-a-day?  Maybe I can be brave and strong and produce more than one painting a day... think positive Robie, you can do anything you put your mind to!  :)

I painted "Fairies' Shelter" en plein air, and the sun played tricks on me because it disappeared 5 minutes after I started painting, and came out again when I was on my way home.
Do you realize how frustrating it is to have seen the warm colors kissed by the sun, in patches through the leaves above, and then everything gets dull and low contrast, and you try to render the feeling of what you saw first, without actually seeing it?
Well, for a moment I thought of going back to the studio and leave the painting on location for another day, but I was loving that tree near the stream so much that I decided to stay and see what turned out.

I'm glad I stuck with it: I completely finished it on location.

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