September 22, 2014

Daily Painting Challenge, On my Easel: Painting #14, Over the Rooftops

"Over the Rooftops"
Oil on panel, 11"x14"

I went "big" today. Instead of a 6x6 I painted an 11"x14".
After a period of painting on location, this is a studio painting, made from a reference photo that I took this summer Italy, however my strategy has been to paint it like it was a plein air painting, quickly and loosely. This way I avoid painting too tight and I can finish it in a day, despite the bigger size.

I feel like it has all the elements I wanted to incorporate, so I am posting it, though I'm not sure if I will retouch some things when I look at it again. Often, after the my eyes get some rest from a piece and I come back later with a fresh look, I see all kinds of things that I did not see while I was  involved in the painting.

For reference I used a combination of the two photos below, a landscape in Veneto, the region of Italy where I come from.


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