January 15, 2014

Small Painting Exhibit In Short North UOA Gallery

100 paintings under $1000 Exhibition at UOA gallery,
Short North Columbus, OH
Until 27 January 2014
In December I had the great opportunity to meet some very talented artists, all living and creating in the Columbus, OH area.

One of them was Michael McEwan, great artist and teacher was in the process of organizing an exhibit of 100 small paintings. He personally invited the participating artists based on a wonderful criteria: they had to do good art and be nice people, not a***les. :) So I was flattered when, even if we just met, he invited me to participate in the exhibit.

I have to say he chose well, all the artists that I met at the reception were super nice, and even the gallery owners are wonderful; a great match.

Five paintings are mine, those with the dark square frames.
They are all 6"6" oil on board, $90
The paintings in the show are a great selection of styles, showcasing painting skills of different personalities and career levels. You find things by artists that have been painting 30+ years and others by emerging artists that have started only few years ago, like me.
The price range is also wide. I believe the prices go from $70 to close to $1000. 

We were free to price our art according to where we were in our careers.
I have five paintings in the exhibit, all at $90.

Gallery address:
641 N High Street, Ste 106
(Entrance on the NORTH side of the bldg!), Columbus, Ohio 43215

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