January 14, 2014

It Can Be Nice When the Model Falls Asleep

Charcoal and crayon on paper

Happy New Year!
I know it's already the middle of the month, but it's never too late for good wishes! :)

January has began with polar freezing temperatures, I don't do well with cold weather, it slows me down. It took me a couple of weeks to get over the holiday laziness and start creating art again.

Now I have two new paintings on my easel, to be posted soon (hopefully).
This drawing is from a figure drawing session I attended before the holidays.

The model actually fell asleep, and her true relaxation made the drawing very enjoyable. I think she picked a laying pose on purpose because she needed some sleep, and so she did not need a break after 20 minutes, which made the drawing progress nicely. I also had fun making up an imaginary room in the drawing.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!  :)


  1. Beautiful composition! I love these white hightlights that accentuate contrasts. Bravo Robie

  2. Really well done ...not easy I think from that view point ! She must have been really sleepy :-))

    1. Hi Jane, she was truly out, what a blessing for us drawing her! :) Thanks a lot for your kind comment.


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