November 13, 2013

Where Are You Heading? - Poppy Field Oil Painting

"The Journey is the Reward"
6"x6", Oil on Gessoboard

“The journey is the reward”, a classic Chinese Proverb, that's what this painting tells me.
What matters is not where we are heading, but where we are and what we do now. So true if you want to live a meaningful life.

I try to enjoy the positive things that are happening today, be thankful for what is here now, not wasting too much energy waiting for what I don't have yet.

We need to live the moment, don't postpone. Our children grow up too quickly, our loved ones may not be here tomorrow, as may the blessings we enjoy each day and we may give for granted.

Only a now well lived makes a promising tomorrow possible.
I choose to savor each moment.  :)

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