November 8, 2013

Still Life Painting with the COPA Group

"Hearts of the Ocean"
9" x 12"
Oil on canvas panel
Finally, after months of hopes and desires, I was able to join a group of artists that meets each Saturday morning to paint.
During the warm months they do plein air painting, in different locations all around Columbus, OH. Now that it's colder and often wet, they meet indoors. With young children and a husband that works on weekends it has been impossible for me to join in the painting fun earlier, but last Saturday I was finally able to participate.

One artist brought two big shells for a still life, and I challenged myself to paint them in a couple of hours.

What I found most challenging about this painting was that the shells' exterior did not have much variation in color and the ceiling lights were shining from all directions, without creating any good shadow, so there was barely any contrast. Somehow I managed to make them look like shells (I think) AND I got to meet some very neat people! :)

Hopefully I can join them again soon. There is something special about painting with others, especially when, like in this case, there is a friendly final critique session.

There is so much that can be learned from seeing how other artist handle the same subject, and different ways to solve painting problems and/or composition dilemmas.

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