November 15, 2013

My First Painting Competition Award

"Line Dancing on the Scioto" got third place at the DAAL Fall Show 2013
18"x24" Oil on canvas

I am very proud to announce my first painting award. I got third place at the Dublin Area Art League Fall Show! I surely did not expect it because there is a lot of great art in the show I would not have hoped to get an award.
I've got an honorable mention before at a plein air competition, but this is the first time a qualify in the first three. 

The judge was Jim Glover, very talented impressionist painter. His comments made me so happy, Here is what he said about my painting.

"Like its title suggests, this painting takes the eye dancing from one red/orange sphere to the next, pulling back into the depth of the picture plane. The blue-green/orange/red complementary colors create a subtle vibration for the retina, adding visual interest to the piece. The hillside is believable, the tree line in the background is varied and organic and the background maintains a good sense of aerial perspective. A pleasant day on the shores of the Scioto charmingly remembered!"

Thank you!   :))))

It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
"It's never too late
-Never too late to start over,
Never too late to be happy."
Jane Fonda

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