November 11, 2013

The Beauty of Cloudy Skies

"Cielo - Clouds at Sea"
6x6, Oil on Gessoboard
I don't know if I am just more attentive to the sky in this period, or if the clouds are really more spectacular this time of the year, but over the fall I seem to have developed an obsession for watching clouds, how they change shape and color.

My family is probably tired of hearing excited comments about the atmosphere. What can I say, I love sunshine, but cloudy skies are much more interesting, and I make sure I share with whom is around me. :)

Sunsets without clouds are not as fascinating. Strangely I never realized that until painting became a main part of my life. If you asked me a few years ago I would have said that I loved sunsets and sunrises, period. Now every time I see a beautiful sky I think of how I would paint it, and this extra attention made me realized that I love cloudy skies better. The things you learn! :)

Happy cloud watching!  :)

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