May 13, 2016

These Clouds Too Shall Pass - Oil Painting at Metro Park

"These Clouds Too Shall Pass"
Oil on board

Some days start as a nuisance from the beginning. You can just tell.
The only way to survive and keep good things coming your way is to realize that no matter what, things are deemed to get better.
The clouds are only temporary, the sun will shine again.

Have faith.
Think positive.
Expect only the best to happen.

Good times will come.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, 
by prayer and petition, 
with thanksgiving, 
present your requests to God. 
Philippians 4:6

I painted this picture at a local park, specifically Walnut Woods Metro park, in Groveport, OH.
It was a windy day, and the clouds kept coming and then moving out, just for more clouds to come. The light was changing quickly from sunny to cloudy, one of the typical challenges for plein air painters, you've got to learn to stick with the impression you want to render and avoid "chasing the light".
I'm learning. : )

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