May 20, 2016

One of My Paintings Picked as Backround for UCSF Brochure!

This is one of those serendipity events in my life that I can't keep from bragging about.
I am very proud of it.

I was contacted by Gabriella Moreno, LCSW director of the Path Program at UCSF, and she kindly asked me if they could use the image of one of my painting for they brochure. I was thrilled and honored.

I'm in amazement that they found my painting in the universe of images on the web!I'm very happy that they liked it and it fit so well the meaning of the Program.

The title I picked for the image is absolutely perfect, and that is where the true serendipity takes place. The original title of the painting was "Hope", as simple as that.

When I posted it on FAA, where I have my art available for prints, I changed the title to "Hope - Path to Tomorrow", to make it more searchable, and that made all the difference.

The effect of enriching the title with more keywords really made the magic of making it "searchable".

Note to self: pay more attention to how you pick the titles of your paintings from now on. It's not only about the image. :)

On a side note, I truly admire the ethics and professionalism of Gabriella Moreno and the Path Program team. They asked for permission to use the image and they gave me credit on the brochure and their web site. That's awesome.
All artists should receive that kind of respect for their work.

Thanks you, thank you!!!!

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