May 14, 2016

Bright Rainy Day - Oil Painting

"Bright Rainy Day"
Oil on board, unframed

What do you do when you get a gray, rainy day?

I try to make it colorful.

This was my intent with this painting.
It was such a dull day that I took it upon myself to put some color into it. I started by toning the board red, and that really gave a popping start to the composition.
I also kept the greens brighter than what I saw.
Overall I think that I succeeded making it look like there was no sun, but without the typical grayish colors of an overcast day.

Some days that's exactly what we need to do. 
Keep the smile on our lips and the love in our hearts, even if life is not smiling back at us.

I painted this at Scioto Park in Dublin, OH, which happens to be one of my favorite outdoors painting locations. It's right on the banks of the Scioto river, and that offers so many opportunities for painting inspirations.
I do prefer when it's sunny, though, when I can get out from under the shelter and paint by the water. :)

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