July 13, 2013

Enjoying Summer Vacation - Post #100

"Towards the Light"
18" x 24" - Acrylic on canvas
Currently showing at the "Elusive Nature" show
at the Upper Arlington, OH municipal building.

As every summer in the last few years I am in Italy. My Italian vacations are different from most people, I don't frantically visit cities and monuments, but I just enjoy spending time with my family.

To tell the truth I feel kind of guilty spending days in total laziness, but it's so nice! We have been here six days and only today I got the feeling that "well, maybe we should do something".

I'm in the town where I grew up, the neighbors are still exactly the same ones, only older. The gossip did not change much either, there is always someone cheating on the spouse, mistreating their elder parents, or just acting weird.

The kids love seeing the grandparents. How comes my parents didn't spoil me growing up as they do with my kids???  lol   

It's a good vacation after a good year. I have participated in several group exhibit this year, they are fun, especially reception night! I always feel it's a blessing when I'm asked to participate in one.

Few of my paintings are currently showing in various areas of Columbus, OH, pick up dates are coming up, and thankfully I have my lovely husband and wonderful friends that help with that, no worries.

It has been a blessed year, and I feel very grateful for a lot of reasons. What a great feeling to write my 100th blog post!

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  1. Love that the sky is YELLOW at the end of this path.


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