July 22, 2013

Charging the Batteries

A nice walk on the beach at dawn: priceless.
I am not a morning person, at all. But if the reward is a walk on the beach, with the sun rising, the seagulls calling, and the waves gently accompanying the rhythm of my feet, I'd get up early any  time.
I took this photo on Saturday morning, round 6 am in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy. On the left you can see the caterpillar cleaning the sand, like every morning.
That's another thing I love about early mornings: to see the business of trash colectors, street cleaners, beach staff, etc.
What a clash with those that have not seen a bed yet, still out from the night before, walking around in a more or less advanced state of drunkenness.
I was there breathing in the morning air, enjoying the different sounds and smells of the morning activities, the sun rising, a new day blossoming... And here and there seeing young people un the streets, unable to function, who knows what they had ingested during the night.  Sad, really, seeing how wasted some were, I have a hard time understanding the fun of getting wasted to that point.

But than I got to the beach, and I let the joy and energy of the new day sink in.   Ahhhhhh

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