March 28, 2013

So Many Ideas, So Little Time!

One of my Doodles

Considering that
- I have three painting started, and they are all 18 x 24, which for me is on the big side,
- I go to two painting classes and a figure drawing class - but I don't post photos from that because nipples and glutes don't do well with a general audience (I don't even show them too my kids, they are still young and would probably think it's weird that I draw naked people)
- I love my volunteering, and doing things with the kids, seeing friends, cooking, gardening, and (sometime) exercise...
So much I love to do, and in spring somehow everything seem to blow out of proportions, and it becomes hard to juggle.

Just to add some extra fun to the mix, I found A LOT of awesome photos on wikimedia commons that have a royalty free license, and so I can paint them. I'm so happy about these last additions to my reference portfolio, on top of all the ones I already had from my own photos.
I really have to make the time to paint more!!!

Maybe I should give up some things, like the cleaning, laundering, and grocery shopping...
There is my solution: I need to get a maid. LOL  My husband is going to love that!

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