April 7, 2011

Perched 2

                                          5” x 7”  Acrylic on canvas panel

This is my second painting using an old photo I clipped from a magazine long time ago. In the original there was only one bird, but I liked the idea to have a fuzzy couple perched on the flower stem, looking in the same direction.
I’m trying to loosen up my brushstrokes, but I get caught in the details... a lot! I guess practice is the only medicine. :)
I decided to post on the blog each painting I complete, not only my best ones. I guess the reasoning behind that is that with each piece I learn a little or a lot, depends on the case, and even if it is not stunning, and I’m not totally satisfied with the result, I’m sure it’s been important that I did it. (I even found the perfect Gandhi quote for this!) :)

“Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, 
but it is important that you do it”
Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Hi there,

    This painting is beautiful! I love the colors in your background. The brighter colors of the flowers in the foreground really keep your focus there. Your little birdies are so cute, they do look very fluffy! This is actually Sharon's daughter Katie writing. I went home to see my parents last weekend to see a play at the Maryland Theatre, The Phantom of the Opera. At some point my mom told me that she had a friend that had started a blog and painted. So, she just sent me your blog link, I will enjoy looking at your other works of art! :)

    Best wishes to you!


  2. Hi Katie, nice to virtually meet you! Thanks for your positive feedback.
    Your comment on the colors matches what I was trying to accomplish, so I guess it was somehow a success! :) It still came out different from my vision, but that's what I'm working on: learn how to create with the brush the image in my mind.
    BTW, this is the only one of my paintings that I have framed and displayed so far. :)


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