April 8, 2011

Street Light in Venice

Street Light in Venice
Acrylic on Canvas Panel

When I was attending to the University in Venice, Italy, for the first few months, while walking from one classroom location to another, I was in awe every single day, amazed by the architectural details that are in each and every corner of the city. After a while the amazement decreased, and the rash and stress of lessons and tests took over, so I did not see all the astounding things anymore.

Last summer I went back to Venice for a day, and boy was my jaw difficult to keep shut! There was me, my camera, and a splendid sunny day in Venice. So had a blast! I talked with the locals – they were amused by this “American” tourist that spoke their dialect, and took pictures of anything that caught my eyes.
I even bought three watercolors painting from an artist on the street and had a nice lengthy conversation with him. He is a really fond memory of that day, because he inspired me to come back home and start painting, as often as I can.
A picture of me with 
the painter I met in Campo dei Frari.
I painted "Street Light in Venice" from one of the pictures I took. I don’t know in what corner of the city I was when I took the reference picture, but I think of it as one of the many interesting sites you can see all around you when you are in Venice.
I had a psychological blockage about looking at painting of Italy and Venice in particular; they would make me really home sick. Now I’m very proud that I got over it – it took me only 11 years!! And (I cannot believe it) I’m finally painting Venice! Yayyy!

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