March 28, 2011

Modern Day Passion

Modern Day Passion
5”x7” Acrylic on canvas panel
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In this Lent period, I wonder: How would Jesus’ teaching be different if he lived in today’s world? What parables would he use to talk to our hearts and engage our souls?
We are all tangled in unnecessary problems, due to the constant effort to reach something we don’t have – yet. And when we reach it, we are  happy only for a moment, then we find a new thing we “need” to achieve, buy, or learn. Everyone is engaged in an illusory pursuit of happiness that seems to go in many directions but a truly fulfilling one. 

My mind goes to one thought: 
Wouldn’t be wonderful if we could live simply, 
without all the surplus and the possessions? 

I started this painting as the representation of a martyr of today’s deceptive reality, that could live a nice life in blue, but it’s trapped in the gray tentacles of present society’s expectations and judgments.  However, now I also see it as Christ among us, saddened by what he sees.
I used a limited color palette of ultramarine, mars black, and titanium white.


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