June 11, 2015

Rolling Fields at Walnut Woods - Oil Painting

"Rolling Fields at Walnut Woods"

In Ohio it's pretty rare to find hills or mountains. So when I see places with clear terrain lines or a hint of hills, I get very excited about painting them.
Walnut Woods Metro Park is one of the few parks around Columbus that offers some nice terrain lines, and I painted this piece on location, a day in early spring, with a few strokes added later in the studio.

I realized that that happens a lot to me: finishing a plein air painting in the studio.
Truth is, it's hard for me to completely finish a painting on location. Part of it is due to the fact that most days I run out of time and I have to run home to get the kids from school.
But to be completely honest with myself, I have to admit that my brain needs a little detachment from the image, I need to see it after a break of time, with fresh eyes, and then I can really see what needs to be done next.
Sometimes when I see it again after a break I can "see" that there is nothing to be done, the painting is finished. Those are happy moments, but not the norm. Usually a fresh view let's me see exactly what needs to be finished or fixed.

Thanks a lot to my friend Stefania for purchasing this painting!

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