February 27, 2015

House with a Smile - Landscape Oil Painting

"House with a Smile"
Oil on Board

The day I was painting this scene it was gorgeous but very windy. I started with a brilliant blue sky. Then the clouds began coming in, big fluffy clouds, and soon covered all the sky, and the colors disappeared on me.
I know that's part of the challenges of painting on location, the shifts of light and shadows, still, I hate when it happens.
From a colorful sunny day, the scene became a dull cloudy landscape. I left the park with a very dull painting - I have a hard time painting differently from what I see.

Good think I had made some thumbnail sketches, so I had a visual reminder of lights and shadows. Back in the studio I tweaked the colors and the light according to my memory and with the thumbnails as guide.

At the end I think I made it even more colorful than how it was, but the little house seems happy about that.


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