December 7, 2014

Working on the Portrait of Chuck - Figure Painting Class

Work in progress of colorful portrait

On Fridays I go to a figure painting class and I love it, but sometimes the model does not show up, and then we need to get creative.
This time the traffic was awful, full of accidents here and there an the model must have been swallowed up by the chaotic situation because we did not see her. While we were waiting, still hoping she'd make it, the teacher posed for quick poses, just for warm-up drawings. That was nice.
Then our fellow artist Chuck (pardon me Chuck but I can't remember your last name right now) volunteered to pose for us.
The time available was quite limited, since we started late, so I still have to a little work to do on the the painting before I can post a finished photo, but this was the work in progress.

I used a simple abstract landscape I had made some time ago as background, turned sideways, and had fun working with colors and contrast.

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