December 19, 2014

A Gift for My Mom - In the Poppy Field - Oil Painting

In the Poppy Field
Oil on Canvas
This bright poppy field reminds me of my Italy so much.

My parents' house is white, even though it's not in a poppy field, they do have a big yard.
When my mom asked me to bring her one of my paintings when I visited, I thought this was the perfect gift, with the cheerful flowers and the white house.

I did not think at this at all while I was painting it, but I can see myself represented in that one poppy sticking up taller than the others, looking at the house in the distance.

Even if I have been living in the United States for 15 years now, home is always my parents house.
And I am posting this from my laptop on their kitchen table, joyful day!!!

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