November 5, 2012

Vibrant Tree - Colorful Acrylic Landscape Painting

I find something very liberating in allowing myself a short time span to complete a painting, and it's even better when I am using an inexpensive support, like this canvas paper, much cheaper than stretched canvas, but still with nice texture and tooth.
When I paint these vibrant trees I don't mix paint on the palette, but I load my brush with different colors and let them mix on the canvas. You never quite know what the exact result will be for each brushstroke, and this makes it so much fun.
I love those trikes of different hues on each stroke, and the colorful ground color peaking throu and unifying the painting.
As the previous Vibrant Trees, this also has been inspired by my recently discover of the book Vibrant Acrylics, by Hashim Akib. Thank you Hashim!


  1. I know what you mean ,Robie, about not mixing entirely on the palette the colours., and on strong paper.

  2. I love this style. It perfectly reveals the leaf fluttering in the autumn.

  3. Robie, it was hard to find you, with Google+, I don't properly understand how manage with that.
    Anyway, thank you very much for your nice comment on ierra Leone 2, and have a godd week!

  4. Gorgeous! Very strong piece.
    Happy Painting.

  5. Thanks a lot Viviane, Sylviane, and Nora, I truly appreciate you stopping by and living such encouraging comments! :)))


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