November 27, 2012

Downtown Columbus - Acrylic Painting

8" x 10" (20.3 x 25.4 cm)
Acrylic on Canvas
This is a landscape painting of my city, Columbus, OH, rendered with my latest passion: the vibrant brushstroke technique, like the trees on the previous posts.

It is a study for a much bigger piece. It helps to start small and then tackle the bigger size, it feels (a little) less intimidating. New technique and big size can be a lot to handle.

I haven't being posting on the blog in a while, not because I have been unproductive, but because I'm mainly drawing, writing, and experimenting with paint nowadays, and I rather not post my experiments. I love the perceived freedom when I make art knowing that is for no-one to see. It gives me the courage to dare, be brave, make mistakes.

One of the fun things I've been doing lately is checking out art books and DVDs at the local libraries and immersing myself in the world of art knowledge. So fascinating! 
I'm reading, admiring, and learning a lot. More I learn and more I see my limitations, so I want to learn more. It's a great vicious cycle. :)


  1. Hello Robie:) Love to read what your doing with your art. It's always nice to experiment and discover new things. And you are so right not to show it. Discover is making mistakes and nothing wrong with that! Your painting is beautiful. Just as I liked the trees from your previous post. This one is so fresh and the brush strokes are so beautiful. This city is a live!! Keep on going. Beautiful art!

  2. Hi Renate, thanks a lot for your comment! I tried to reply so many times but it did not work, now I forget what I was trying to say, but I'm sure a big part of it was THANKS!


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